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How you let watch companies rob from your bank account

March 27, 2017

Watch, an item that was once loved for its function and implication of superior social status, is now one of the most common accessory on a person. However, even though the primary function of watches – to tell the time – has become rather obsolete due to the invention of the mobile phone, the market never really loses its demand on the products. The Swiss watch industry, for instance, had extraordinary growth on its exports from £2.5 billion in 1986 to £10 billion in 2008.


Luxury Brands

Unfortunately, this incredible growth in watch industry, which is obviously happily seen by the companies and manufacturers, is built on unfair pricing and manipulative marketing, UNCONTESTED.

We shall start with the more well-known brand, Rolex.

luxury rolex

Rolex is a Swiss luxury watchmaker which originally founded in London in 1905 as Wilsdorf and Davis, then moved its base to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919. With a profound history and world-leading technology in traditional watch industry, Rolex is easily loved and trusted by the customers who are rich enough to pay for £2,000 up to £100,000 for a timepiece. The company is ranked as the 64th of the world’s most powerful global brands by Forbes in 2016, and people naturally believe that such brand is so mysterious and authorized, like an ancient tree with its countless thick roots clutching into the rich soil - unshakable and unreplaceable.

In Rolex, a watch that costs £5000 is usually manufactured at £1000 or less, and they make 2000 watches per day.

On the other hand, there are the cheaper watches…


Cheap Fashion Brands

Have you ever seen a sponsored post by certain watch brands on Facebook or other social media urging you to get a free limited watch?

free watch spam example
Have you ever wondered how on Earth a company can be so stupid, or so generous to send their watches worldwide to just get back merely £10 shipping expense? If you do wonder, then great, you are an intelligent and observant being at the right place! In fact, modern technologies have advanced to a level that a watch can be produced at a cost that will blow your mind away.

£5. This is the average cost to make a fashion watch that looks “fashionable”, and they can manage to sell it for up to £100, easily. Here is how.

Firstly, you choose a design from some wholesalers (e.g. Alibaba) or from some other brands, whatever. Secondly, you customize it, or not, depending on the effort you wish to put in. Thirdly, build a website based on your own ideas or someone else’s ideas. And finally, advertise through social media with some good (or cringy) slogans that urge actions.

If you take a closer look at those watches, you will notice that they either avoid putting up detailed specification of the watch (which is slightly more honest) or they completely bullshit about them. The core of a watch is its movement, which is usually made in Japan or Switzerland. The latter is the minimum requirement for a watch to be considered as “premium”, and even for Swiss movement there is a whole price range varying from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds depending on the mechanism.

For cheap fashion watches, they can simply play around with the components of the watches. Non-waterproof watch face, plastic case, nylon straps…but with a little bit “radical” fashion design and advertisement, they are free to flood into the market and internet.


Power the movement

If you feel alright about what’s happening in the watch industry then you may close your browser now, but hopefully this article can be of help with your future decisions in choosing a worthy timepiece. However, if you are a watch-lover and believe in a market with more fairness, why not help raise our voice? Share this article with a friend now and let’s stop this bullshit together.

Therefore, we are here to build a brand that changes the game in the watch industry - Forevus. Starting with a limited collection of designs, we have put extremely careful thoughts into each and every detail in order to rock the world. Here are several aspects of which we have put massive effort into in order to secure our proposal:

  1. All watches are tested to be waterproof up to 100m under water (10 atm pressure), equipped with Swiss quartz movement, sapphire crystal glass and stainless steel casing. These specifications match the conventional luxury watch standard, yet our watches only cost a fraction of what those luxury brands charge.
  2. All watches are sold directly from our website to avoid extra charges through the market chain, minimising the price we can offer to our customers.
  3. We provide fast worldwide shipment and free return to ensure a reliable and considerate service for our customers.
  4. Our brand is building around the community, hence we keep the common dishonest "branding effect" to a minimum. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to 
We are to demonstrate that a premium watch along with premium service, does not require a premium bank account.

forevus eternity brown leather

If you have managed to read through the entire article, I hope you can take some useful information away with you. In addition, if you happen to be looking for a timepiece, why not take a look at our website

Thank you for your time and have a lovely day!

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