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About us

Forevus was founded in 2016 in St Andrews, Scotland. It was all started by asking a rather simple question - Do high quality watches have to cost a fortune? Is it really sensible that a single watch should cost a few thousand quid to manufacture in this age of technology, where we mankind roaring through the skies and going beyond? The answer of course, is NO. The only reason that watch companies are able to rip their customers off is branding.

Eternity - Brown Leather

Here we are to make a change in the dishonest, false trend. People deserve to know that it is possible to get a watch of top quality for just a few hundred pounds, provided that you have no needs of 50 grams of solid gold on your watch dial.

Another phenomenon we wish to change is the overflow of cheap fashion watches in the market. These products cost no more than £5-10 to make, yet are sold for over £100 due to various “reasons”. Most of them are not even waterproof, lack durability and go out of style extremely quickly.

Hence on a clear Saturday night, under the many thousand stars of the St. Andrews sky Forevus was born, with the passion to push forward modern aviation watches that just assembles the old ones. But this time we are not limited by the sky, as we only aim for the stars and beyond…

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All orders will be shipped on the following business day from the UK. Every watch comes with free worldwide priority delivery service that takes around 1-5 business days. You can track your order here. Just sit tight and enjoy your day, your watch will be delivered directly to your door, hassle free.

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Please note that you might be charged for an additional customs import tax when you reside outside of Europe. You should contact with your local customs office to check applicability for extra tax/fees. If you live in Europe then there will be no additional fees for you. Please also note that we are not responsible for any uncontrollable customs delays.

Return Chart

Our watches are astonishing in quality and style. Yes.

But do not just take our words for it.

We understand that buying a premium watch is a big investment, and choosing a good one that is built to last for a lifetime is an even bigger task.

We therefore provide a 30-day free return. Whether it is due to damaged product or simply because you changed your mind, you are eligible for a return/replacement from us. For more information please refer to our Return Policy.

Enjoy your watch for a whole month, if you do not love it, just return it. Worry-free.

Warranty Chart

With confidence in our watches, we proudly offer a 2-year warranty that comes along with all purchases.

Most problems associated with the movement of the watches can be easily solved by referring to our watch manual. It is highly unlikely for the movement to experience malfunction or technical failures, but if it does we promise to provide speedy repair or replacement worldwide for free.

For other issues with the watch please contact us.