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Introduction To Our Affiliate Program

Help us make an important change in the watch industry and get paid for it.
Here's how:

Firstly, it is important that you understand more about our brand.
We are a watch brand that specializes in making high quality timepieces at affordable prices.
We prefer quality over quantity.

All of our watches have a Swiss heart and sapphire crystal glass along with a high quality casing that is waterproof up to 10atm (100m), including some designs that use 18ct gold to give a very luxurious feeling.
Just as the name "Forevus" suggests, these are watches that are built to last forever.
View our designs here:
What's wrong with the current watch industry are a number of things.

Firstly, there are huge luxury brands that massively overcharge their customers. We have matched their quality at a fraction of the price.

Secondly, there are an uncountable amount of cheap fashion watch brands that sell timepieces which cost no more than £5-£10 to manufacture, yet are sold easily for around £100. I'm sure you have seen dozens of brands like this.
Their customers get lured in with cheap marketing tactics and are later disappointed finding out that the watch does not as good as on the pictures and that they cannot even shower with their watch to avoid fatal failure.

This needs to stop, and we need your help to make a change.


Benefits of our affiliate program and how it works

I'm sure you have heard of different affiliate programs before. Many popular websites such as Amazon have one.
Taking inspiration from those and correcting their mistakes we have noticed, we have created our own affiliate program.

If you sign up as an affiliate, you get access to a very powerful affiliate platform.

affiliate dashboard introduction

It is powered by a number of features:
  • Your custom discount code and referral link to pass on to your audience - the ones that visit using your link are tracked forever, meaning if they use the same device to make a purchase months later, it will still count as your sale. Sales are also tracked with the usage of your discount code. Meaning they don't even have to click on your link.
  • Access to our marketing resources - This consists of pre-made templates for social media and images for effective marketing.
  • Email notifications when you make a sale.
  • Unique weekly reports made just for you, summarising your visitors and purchases.
  • Monthly marketing tips and affiliate updates - shows how others are doing and gives tips on effective marketing, also access to new resources.

Other benefits of our affiliate program:

  • Earn a hefty commission fee for every sale you bring in and give a better price for the people you refer - more about it in the next section.
  • Fast payouts using PayPal or in store credit. There is no minimum payout and you will receive your payments within 1-2 business days.
  • Have peace in mind knowing that you are marketing a product of quality - only an extremely greedy person would sell a low-quality product to their best friends and family.
    With us you don't have that issue. We focus on customer satisfaction and even have a 30 day "try it before you keep it" policy.
  • Monetize your audience, even if you don't have a big following, yet. - We accept all affiliates, big and small, everyone can benefit from our program.
  • Grow your audience - be featured on our social media, when you have good results, exposure on our official social media!
  • Get your own watch, at a discounted rate - only available if you complete our evaluation. More about it below.

What's in it for you?

If you decide to join, you will earn £30 every time you refer a sale. You also get a discount code that allows to give the people you refer £30 off their purchase!

£30 for you, £30 for the people you refer, and you help power an important movement.
This is a win-win situation.

Discounted watch - for Level 2 affiliates

There are two different types of affiliates (Level 1 and Level 2) in our program.

The only difference between the two types of affiliates is that Level 2 affiliates are bigger influencers. They require custom evaluation and approval to be accepted, but get access to a very exclusive deal.

If you are accepted as a Level 2 affiliate, we will send you a discount code that gives £140 off one of our watches, allowing you to get a design of your choice for just £89.
More about it on the "instructions" tab of our affiliate panel if you decide to sign up below.


Sign Up to Our Affiliate Program

If you believe in our brand and dislike the current situation in the watch industry, help us make a change.
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Shipping chart

All orders will be shipped on the following business day from the UK. Every watch comes with free worldwide priority delivery service that takes around 1-5 business days. You can track your order here. Just sit tight and enjoy your day, your watch will be delivered directly to your door, hassle free.

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Please note that you might be charged for an additional customs import tax when you reside outside of Europe. You should contact with your local customs office to check applicability for extra tax/fees. If you live in Europe then there will be no additional fees for you. Please also note that we are not responsible for any uncontrollable customs delays.

Return Chart

Our watches are astonishing in quality and style. Yes.

But do not just take our words for it.

We understand that buying a premium watch is a big investment, and choosing a good one that is built to last for a lifetime is an even bigger task.

We therefore provide a 30-day free return. Whether it is due to damaged product or simply because you changed your mind, you are eligible for a return/replacement from us. For more information please refer to our Return Policy.

Enjoy your watch for a whole month, if you do not love it, just return it. Worry-free.

Warranty Chart

With confidence in our watches, we proudly offer a 2-year warranty that comes along with all purchases.

Most problems associated with the movement of the watches can be easily solved by referring to our watch manual. It is highly unlikely for the movement to experience malfunction or technical failures, but if it does we promise to provide speedy repair or replacement worldwide for free.

For other issues with the watch please contact us.